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Zeppelin Games Ltd
Hugh Mo
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Still no sign of Andy 'Street Hawk' Ounsted's Crap Bike Simulator, only this Pro Go-Kart Sim from Zeppelin. Which is a pretty good thing really, because I'm sure you'd agree that a game which is murder to start up, breaks down every five minutes and won't go above 27 and a half mph (on a good day) would be a bit crap. Very crap, in fact. Luckily, though, Pro Cart Sim is a whole bucket of carrots better, so let's talk about that instead, eh, sports-fans?

Hmm. Not that much to say really. (Make up your mind! Ed) It's a back-view-of-your-vehicle- drive-into-the-screen jobby (along the lines of OutRun, Enduro Racer etc), but you could've probably worked that out from the screenshot. The whole thing chugs along at a cracking pace - almost too fast to handle sometimes because you do tend to start crashing into walls and things which appear from absolutely nowhere. That's more than a bit annoying, and forces me to lower its mark by absolutely loads. But there is lots of variety (four tracks to choose from), and the thing's really quite playable and dead easy to get into.


Screenshot Text

Pity the view you've got here isn't from some whopping great Mack truck, eh? Then you could squash all those poncy go-karts right into the tarmac! Heh heh.