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Zeppelin Games Ltd
Hugh Mo
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Richard Eddy
Chris Bourne

Go-karting hasn't been used as a game theme for, um... well, it's never been used! So, if you fancy racing it up, jump in!

There are three circuits to race around, each different in layout, featuring hills, valleys and plenty of scenery that flies past at a rate of knots. Racing against three other crazy 'karters and the clock, your kart is equipped with a hell of a lot of speed: four gears, and a turbo booster for that extra thrust.

Gameplay is incredibly simple - push down on the accelerator and keep your kart on the track! But it's not easy, especially as there are so many signs, billboards and hay bales lining the route - crash into one and your kart goes flying sky high! Pro Go-kart Simulator, as the inlay says, is all about speed - unfortunately there's just a bit too much. Your 'kart has two speeds: none and too fast, making it tough to keep total control of the 'kart. The action happens screen centre, surrounded with decorative bits and bobs, but the playing area is too small to clearly see what's happening on the track. Well programmed and technically very good, it suffers from lack of solid playability to keep you coming back for more.