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Code Masters Ltd
Godwin Graham
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Fed up with TV snooker? Find Steve Davis just too 'interesting' for words? This may be the game to reinspire your interest in the clatter of the cue on the ball. It's a snooker simulation that feels authentic at a budget price.

You start on practise mode. This lets you play through any shot without having to worry about the rules. Then you get on to the gameplay, which is always two up, you never get to play the computer. Your break and score are always on view, and if you go out of turn or play a foul shot you get a reminder that you're breaking the rules. A black dot on an enlarged off-table cue ball shows where your cue will hit it - this means you can give the ball a bit of spin to get it where you want it.

There's also a table level view of the way the cue ball and the object ball are placed, so that you can thump away with confidence. The strength of your shot depends on the length of time you leave between taps of the shoot key.

This all sounds a bit technical, and unless you're a snooker freak you might find it a bit off-putting at first. Persevere, though, 'cos it's not a bad simulation for two quid. Snooker players'll find it a real bargain, though if you're not a fan, you may feel more inclined to keep money in your pocket, not balls.