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John Watson
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tony Worrall
Chris Bourne

When giving an overall mark for a computer golf simulation I'm usually tempted to shout... FOUR! But that would be too corny (Dead right there. Ed) Anyway this newie from budget house Atlantis deserves a better mark than that.

Pro Golf II is, astonishingly enough, the follow-up to the hugely successful Pro Golf I. Follow-up usually means retread in this business, and it has to be said that the main difference between old and new is the addition of a couple of new courses to test your wares on (oo-er). Still, as these courses are Royal St George and Lytham St Annes, lets not moan too much.

The action is all seen from above - first the drive down the fairway (Faster then walking, I s'pose. Ed), then a zoom-in for play on the green. The graphics have every UDG feel about them, but they work well and I especially like the animation of the tiny golfer.

Play options include a Championship round against 17 other players, a single round game and a useful one-hole practice session. The Championship option can take the computer some time to work out, with dozens of scores to collate at any one time, and this can become a bit of a bore.

In the end, I suppose, golf games must be compared to the classic Leaderboard. Pro Golf is certainly not in that class, but for two measly quid its no disgrace. Above par, in fact, and handicapped only by the lengthy input before you can tee off. I can see Atlantis knocking up Pro Golf III even now!

Not surprisingly, a retread of Pro Golf with knobs on. Hardly Leaderboard, of course, but quite fun all the same.