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Mastertronic Plus
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Helicopters, choppers and flying machines galore! Yes you've guessed it! The budget software industry has gone mad over these machines with rotor blades on top and Anneka Rice inside. So what has Protector got to offer that the others haven't? SPEED! Most games would give their right memory chips to have the scrolling speed of this, but unfortunately it ruins this game. You need lightning reflexes to stop and start your chopper without crashing. There is no such thing as acceleration in Protector the two speeds you have are either 0 mph or 100mph!

The idea behind the game had potential. You're at pilot training school, and to become top dog you must collect three parts of a bomb and deliver them to your cave base. Once there the bomb is assembled and can be dropped on the enemy cave to win the game.

The screen is spilt into two with your current position in the landscape in the top and the enemy's in the bottom. The two overlap occasionally, and you get double vision! Presentation is a strong point, with an excellent loading and title screen, but surprisingly no music to cheer things up. You need to be really sneaky to get on in Protector. You can steal the bomb parts and the actual bombs from your opponent's cave, the only trouble is that they can do the same to you! If you live life in the fast lane, by all means get Protector.