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Ubi Soft Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Eugene Lacey
Chris Bourne

Thrash Becker and Lendl - thanks to Ubisoft.

Pro-Tennis Tour brings you up against the top players on the world tennis circuit - Lendl, Becker, they are all here as you seek to up your own personal world ranking.

Ubisoft opt for a fairly straightforward presentation of the court with the action viewed from your end of the court throughout. No split screens or three dimensional rotation here. Game controls are simplicity itself. To serve, you throw the ball in the air and then move a cross hair to determine the direction you want it to travel.

Returning shots is equally simple. All you have to do is press fire - the computer works out for you whether to use a backhand or forearm return depending on your position on the court. This simplicity does facilitate some excellent rallies, but you can't move and swing at the same time. The bat seems to take forever to make the swing before it connects with the ball and this means your positioning has to be spot-on, arriving at the position where the ball will be returned just before it gets there. This doesn't spoil the rallies exactly, it just makes them slightly unrealistic.

Pro-Tennis Tour has excellent sound and graphics. Worthy of particular mention are the landmark shots at the start of various tournaments. The Tower of London never looked so good in pixels, and the Statue of Liberty isn't bad either.