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Mastertronic Ltd
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nat Pryce
Chris Bourne

You are the pilot of the new Northall Q-15c attack 'copter, and it's your mission to defend the planet Ursa Minor Delta-V, against the evil menace of the bloodthirsty Peradusins, (though why Earth has sent one little chopper to defeat a whole alien attack force is beyond me).

Your helicopter is covered in weapons and techno-gadgets, to help you root out and kill the alien scum, though actually seeing one of the enemy is pretty rare. You have a full collection of AAMs and ASMs, as well as a rapid-fire cannon.

Your controls are simple, at least they would be simple if the instructions told you what they really were, but they think that the Speccy has function keys - weird!

When you don't see the enemy, (which is most of the time, since they travel much quicker than you,) nothing moves on screen except your dials - there are no landmarks or mountains you can fly past, everything is white and flat. The game seems very dull because of this. I think that it tries to be a simulation with arcade elements, or preps an arcade game with simulation elements. but it fails to be any good in either category. Sorry, I can't recommend this game at all.