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Postern Ltd
John R. Keneally
Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


DESPITE its original name, Psi-Spy for the 48K Spectrum is an unoriginal arcade adventure game. The object of the quest is first rings of power and then keys which can be found in the Dungeon of Zar. To get them you have to read the instructions several times - and try to move your character round the screens filled with uninspiring square monsters which look as if they have fallen from the Spectrum User Manual.

The approach to the dungeon, where you have to pick up several rings to enter and produce some kind of score, takes the computer almost a minute to set up using its colour-filling algorithms.

The game is an adventure of discovery as you will continue to find new keys to press the further you proceed. To be fair, the plot has some depth as you have to interrogate guardians of the keys using a mind probe and press various keys to decide whether to eat, take or pay for objects.

Psi-Spy would have been original and interesting a year ago but it looks too much like a cross between Black Crystal from Carnell and Manic Miner from Software Projects for comfort. If you want another dungeons game with average graphics, the game is for you. It can be obtained from Postern, PO Box 2, Anderoversford, Cheltenham, Glos GL54 5SW.

Memory: 48K
Price £7.95