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Mastertronic Plus
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Fancy some bouncy, bouncy fun in an inflated style with Psycho Hopper? Thought you might. You've landed yourself in the world of dreams, along with a bubble of deadly poison and lots of nasty things that want to pop it! And where is this poison? Between your legs of course: you bounce about the place on it.

Budget software houses seem to be running a bit short of names for their games, don't they? I mean, take Hopper Copper and Psycho Soldier, add a bit of magic and here is one I prepared earlier - Psycho Hopper.

The game's graphics are not too exciting. Their are some quite nice sprites bouncing and plodding around but not much in the way of backgrounds to brighten things up.

Perhaps this was to avoid the colours clashing? The aliens and other adversaries you encounter are quite varied: one minute you can be bashing bats and the next destroying dwarves - and all are out to pop your bubble - so shoot or avoid them. To make things extra hard the poison eats away at the bubble making it burst after a certain time, so fast bouncing is essential.

Sound effects in the game all sound like something rather rude (no offending language in this mag!). Getting further into the game doesn't change much either: the nasties just get much more vicious.

Psycho Hopper is a fun game with some cute graphics, but I doubt if anyone will be playing it for very long.