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Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Bym Welthy, Paul Sumner, Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

You can't keep a good goddess down - in this sequel to Imagine's Athena (75% Overall in Issue 45) the voluptuous Athena is once again battling through a dangerous six-level world, rescuing humanity from a race of demons.

The 30 screens of each level are inhabited by these lethal beasts begging for a blast from Athena's laser or her bombs. She gathers points by destroying them, and the power of both laser and bombs can be increased by gathering icons which Athena reveals by destroying rock formations.

But some of these rocky blockages hide icons that can quickly drain Athena's energy - even the humble mushroom has its malevolent magic...

The dashing damsel must leap and jump from platform to platform, thinking quickly when anything blocks her way - if she just stands still she'll be outrun by the constantly scrolling landscape and crushed against an obstruction. This goddess isn't immortal, though she can acquire temporary indestructibility by shooting the globe which hatches from inside of an egg.

An Athena must destroy the building at the end of each level to move to the next - to face another monstrous army.


'Why is Athena being chased by the Keystone Cops? Perhaps she's being hunted down for impersonating Sindy Doll. Whatever the crime, the slow scrolling screens aren't letting her run fast enough to escape the deadly touch of her cute pursuers. But once you've mastered the strange controls Athena is fun' BYM ... 75%

'Athena was great fun but Psycho Soldier is nowhere near the mark. The graphics are unimaginative, the sound is grinding, and playability suffers from the eponymous star's slow reactions. Psycho Soldier also needs much more variation: the first level is a terrible bore, requiring very little though' PAUL ... 69%

'Psycho Soldier has all the fun and frolics of Athena, though it's a bit too similar. The graphics aren't as good as the original's, the colour is dismal and the number of bombs whining around your head can be confusing; but challenging gameplay and well-defined characters make Psycho Soldier a worthwhile follow-up to a brilliant game' NICK ... 83%

Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: Intricately and smoothly animated the colour is terrible
Sound: tune and spot effects
General Rating: A playable but lacklustre follow-up to the successful Athena.


Screenshot Text

It's Athena again - she's back, she's bad and she's Psycho Soldier.