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Beyond Software
Tactical Combat
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ian Hemmingway, Phil Morse, Frank Pelling, Owen Pugh, Monty Trent
Chris Bourne

The player eventually becomes the Psytron - something less than human and more than a computer - and is put in charge of the Betula 5 installation. Your job is to cope with the defensive demands when the attack comes. The overall aim is to process the information (and highly detailed it is) supplied in the 20-page booklet accompanying the program.

Ian: The graphics are excellent, with instant access to the ten views around your base, all of which detail the surrounding buildings and landscapes. And a near perfect use of colour goes even further towards making the overall display startlingly clear. Each year a program comes along that sets the standard by which the others must be judged. Psytron is 1984's yardstick.

Frank: The idea is simply splendid, and there's so much going on it's impossible to get bored. With its well-defined, clear and colourful graphics, and a manageable but challenging speed, the game is addictive from the very start, and gets more so as the player progresses.

Phil: There are six levels to the game, but it'll take a great deal of practice to get there - especially as the speed is very fast. However, there's not a lot of sound used, but this goes unnoticed alongside the superb graphics. Overall, it's one of the most interesting games to come on to the market.

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Screenshot Text

The outer buildings of the Betula 5 installation. A total of 10 screens make up this circular space station.

The main screen report area, which tells you of attacks - from the enemy spaceships.

The airlock tunnel in - which sabateurs have to be chased by your droids.

This is the view from the pursuit droid as it rushes down the tunnel chasing a sabateur.