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Andrew Giles
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Software Projects, 16K £5.95 (1)
Author: Andrew Giles
There are now several Spectrum versions of the arcade original, 'Pengy' available - Blaby's 'Dodo' was one of the first. Software Projects' version is excellent. Bertha the ladybird is in a garden being pursued by four nasty insects our for her ichor (blood to you). The garden is full of green bricks which she can burn out of her way, or send shooting off in the direction in which she's travelling. By this method she can crush her enemies to death. The insects can also burn up the bricks to reach her. Four bells in each quarter of the screen, if rung by touching them, cause the insects to go into a temporary tizzy and make them vulnerable. The colours are bright, graphics fast and smooth, good sound, rather poor control key layout, joystick: AGF, Protek or Kempston, eight skill levels, CRASH rating, very good to excellent, overall 85%. M/C.