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Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Blimey - this one's ages old and a bit older still. But (shock horror) it is in fact a complete and utter corker of a spanker. Your task? To simply find the keys to gain access to Quench Heart Keep, locate the wicked Yaemon, pinch the scrolls of Ketsuin, appease the God Kwon and release him from the eternity of hell in a lake of boiling lava. That's all. Oh yeah, your father comes into it somewhere as well, but I couldn't quite work out where. Ahem. Of course, you can't just phone this Yaemon chappy up and ask him nicely to pop the scrolls in the post - instead you have to dash around madly a la Gauntlet, finding keys and bashing up baddies until you find the scrolls and dash out again. Phew.

Perhaps the best bit about the game is its variety. It's a scrolly one-player Dandy-style maze game (but with one big map rather than lots of individual levels) a sort of beat-'em-up (you have to beat up the baddies) and, well, a bit of a puzzler as well. Oh, and playable too. And addictive. And all with a more-than-generous helping of clear and test graphics. My advice? Scrape together your spare coppers and take a visit to your local cheapy software emporium today!


Screenshot Text

Blimey! Kwon is waiting, eh? Oo-blinkin'-er.