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Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Richard Eddy, Robin Candy
Chris Bourne

Issue 36 (January 1987) Page 173

RICKY: Loosely labelled Way Of The Tiger II, Avenger romped in for the Christmas Gauntlet craze. It follows the standard routine for Gauntlet games, but with an Oriental flavour. You play a ninja warrior out to avenge the death of his father (known locally as Grasshopper, because of the way he clicked his knees together).

Anyway... scroll on. And that's exactly what you're out to find - the scrolls that will save Kwon (who just happens to be a rather important god) from being lost in eternal hell. Why this ninja should want to help him is beyond us, but that's what you've got to do.

The action is set in and around the Quench Heart Castle, where three Guardians which must be annihilated to locate the scrolls. The guardians have their own minions, ranging from he-uge spiders to horned demons - all quite intelligent and all out to kill you.

You are equipped with ten star-shaped blades to lob at these foes. But when these are used up your ninja faces hand-to-hand combat, unless he can find more. (Other traditional Gauntlet goodies can be collected, too.)

Energy and life force must be watched closely; without these you suddenly become an ex-ninja (this ninja is no more... (cut the parrot sketch jokes - ED)). But if you're in difficulty you can call on Kwon for a quick top-up.

Though the maze is mainly in monochrome, the scenery has plenty of colour to liven up the display. This and the detailed and smoothly-animated characters add up to a highly attractive game. And the gameplay doesn't suffer from this indulgence in graphics - it succeeds as what it's designed to be: a fast, exciting but challenging quest.

To top it off, the sound FX and title tune are neat, making Avenger a pleasant addition to the range.

ROBIN: As a sequel to an enjoyable game, this was a disappointment. Most of the action is presented in black-and-white though the animation more than makes up for that. Gameplay is enjoyable and can be addictive for a while.

But it still boils down to another Gauntlet game with few innovations. And probably the biggest disappointment is the lack of a two-player option. Which after all is the highlight of any Gauntlet game.

Then: 85%
Now: 85%


Screenshot Text

Kwon with the wind in Gremlin Graphics's Avenger