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8th Day Software
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Derek Brewster
Chris Bourne

There are two reasons why I am reviewing this 8th Day Software program, which I received way back earlier this year, here in this month's column. One is a recommendation from an avid adventurer to play one and the other is the news that they sell for 01.99. If this price is true then Quann Tulla would seem to offer good value for money as it is a very friendly program. It also has an interesting storyline which is not too difficult to unravel, as the game is easy, with few of the annoying complications seen in many a more awkward adventure.

The first thing to note is that this game is one of a series of text-only Quilled games with titles like Ice Station Zero, Faerie, Cuddles and Four Minutes to Midnight. These last two aren't exactly my cup of tea since Cuddles deals with the kiddies world of playpens etc, and Four Minutes deals with what you would do given the four minute warning before a rather large bomb dropped on your head. My advice is to be prepared and take a headache tablet.

Quann Tulla describes itself as being of moderate difficulty and has on its flip side detailed background information concerning games play.

Highly advanced robots, computer systems and automatic defence traps form the backdrop to this science fiction adventure in which the player takes on the might of the evil Empire on behalf of the ailing Federation. The battle takes place in the shattered hull of the flagship and finally to a desperate conclusion on a distant alien world.

Secret manuals must be retrieved, an evil traitor dispensed with and a crippled ship destroyed before the Federation can govern in peace once more.

Quann Tulla is a long and reasonably easy adventure game with long, detailed location descriptions. It has a friendly vocabulary and fascinating plot. For £1.99 it compares favourably with other Quilled games on the market.


Difficulty: easy - moderate
Graphics: none
Input: verb/noun
Response: instant
General Rating: Good.