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Virgin Games Ltd
Gareth J. Briggs
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Virgin Games 48K (1)
Author: Gareth Briggs
Quetz is one of four Aztec Gods you'll meet in this 3D maze which represents the interior of an Aztec temple with four floors. Quetz is the nicest and provides glass beads for you to collect and gives you a map of the floors when you bump into him. The map disintegrates with use, so use it sparingly. The other gods all present different problems to overcome on their particular floors. The floors are connected by shafts, mostly black and a few blue ones. If you use a black shaft, it destroys the beads you have collected. The longer you take to find a blue shaft the more black ones will appear. Should you find the exit safely, then the beads you have found can be used to barter with the natives for your life. It is a playbale game, with quite good 3D graphics and 6 skill levels, but not much sense of real danger. Average. CRASH rating 56% M/C.