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Mirrorsoft Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

The Quick Thinking , cassette contains two early-learning programs, Sum Vaders and Robot Tables.

Sum Vaders, for one or two players, gives practice in adding and subtracting a number appears on an Invading spaceship and another on the alien robot which it drops, and these two numbers must be added or subtracted before the robot lands. A wrong answer leaves the world defenceless against the robot invaders'

In Robot Tables the player controls a machine manufacturing robots and has to make sure components are assembled in the right order. Again, several levels of difficulty are offered, and it's also possible to control the speed of the machine. At the fastest speed and the most difficult level this is quite a challenge, and the player really needs to know their multiplication tables.

Keyboard play: responsive, with simple control keys
Graphics: very attractive to children, with clear bright colours


General Rating: A good, value-for-money package.

Not Rated