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The Lords
Not Known
Scene Demo
ZX Spectrum 128K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

A three-part demo showing off The Lords' uncontestable sound-chip skills, the music is backed by a couple of funky graphics screens. Nemesis The Warlock (from 2000AD) bounces smoothly up and down the screen, a massive vertical scrolly rolls over a grinning skull, and a wobbly message leaps about over a screen nicked from an old Interceptor title. Impressive stuff, but it doesn't have the silly good-naturedness of The Crazy Demo. Plus, it's 128K only but doesn't seem to like +3's at all. It's good, but it didn't light my fire (as they say). The music's fantabulous though.


Screenshot Text

Um, part three of Quinquagesima, basically. That logo bounces back and forth, there's some music and that big scrolly leaps about a bit. It's jolly good music though.