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Players Premier
Arcade: Race 'n' Chase
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Pit your wits against a friend, or race against the clock in The Race. You can pull at least eight 'G' in your gleaming performance car as you accelerate away from the starting grid, and prepare to fly into the air when you hit that ramp.

The inlay boasts six massive race tracks, a dual player mode with player one and player two's tracks scrolling independently, and a thumping 'Sonic Graffiti' soundtrack for 128K owners. In reality it's simply another scrolling car race game along the lines of so many others.

The graphics are slick and well defined, but then what graphics aren't these days? And the soundtrack is there - just!

Unfortunately the whole thing's in monochrome, and cyan monochrome on level one at that.

I just don't find car races playable any more. Each time a new version of this type comes out, it might just as well be the older games with new graphics and sound. This one isn't particularly playable either: the so called 'turbo' just puts the car out of control, and with the twists and turns you need to make to complete each of the races you would be a fool to use it.

The Race has all the usual Players Premier refinements, but when the game is totally unoriginal is it really worth refining?