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Activision Inc
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

If nothing else, the Hit Squad games are certainly well presented. Looking at the cassette inlay for Rampage really made me want to play this game - quite a surprise, really, as I remember it from first time round. Actually, it's not that bad - it looks fab and plays smoothly, but the overall idea's just not strong enough. The game features three normal everyday Joes transformed, bu dodgy fast food, into 50 foot monsters determined to crush (or eat) virtually everything in sight. You play one of the monsters - up to three people can play, or the Spec can take the other parts - and you have to climb up any available skyscrapers, pummel holes in them, and blag anything that looks edible (that includes humans). Unfortunately, the National Guard has been called out, so you must be careful to avoid helicopters and, more importantly, their bullets. You must also watch out for buildings that have been over-pummelled by you and your playmates - they have a tendency to collapse on top of you. Lose your energy and you are changed back into a slightly embarrassed human - albeit one that's feeling fairly full up.

Nice idea, eh? Trouble is, it's all a little one-dimensional for sophisticated gamesters like you and me (hem hem). There's not a lot of challenge - once you've done one building, you just move onto the next - and, like the coin-op that spawned it, it's all style, no content. Well programmed, though, and good fun for about 15 minutes.