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Kevin J. Bezant
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

If you have read the review of G-Force by Euro-Byte, you will have noticed that we said the other Euro-Byte program was Pod, but that it is being marketed by Visions under the name of Rapedes. However Pod is written by Boris Baginekl, whereas Rapedes is written by Kevin Bezant. Are Bezant and Baginski one and the same? Both programs under their own names are availble and a quick glance at the graphics will convince anyone that these two are one and the same program - even if the authors are not! There are a few minor differences which we point out before the Criticism.

Rapedes is in fact a classic 'Centipede'. Your ship may more left and right as well as up and down to about one-third the screen height. There are green mushrooms which erode with four shots, a large spider and snail, red mushrooms and, as the level of play gets higher, falling centipede segments. The centipede itself is made of alternating blue and yellow circles.

The principal differences between Rapedes and Pod (apart from the names of the author) are that Pod costs £6.45, has only one speed (fastish) and a different key layout - a rather awkward one which uses G/H left /right and Y/B up down with T/N/V/U for the diagonals. It does, however, have continuous fire, which Rapedes does not. For collectors of the unusual we would recommend buying both versions!


'This is not a bad "Centipede" version but control is difficult (on both). The graphics are nothing special, although okay. I preferred Pod because of the autofire, especially as this is a long centipede!'

'The key responses are very good, but poorly placed keys don't help. The graphics are very fast block movement and detailed, and there is good sound. I thought the copy was a good one and accurate to the original with plenty of addictive quality.'

'This is a good game which could have been much better if the keys were better positioned. They are hard to get used to because they are all in a row. The graphics and detail for the Hall of Fame are also good.'

Control keys: Sinclair keys, 6/7 left/right 8/9 up/down, 0 to fire. Eight-directional movement
Joystick: Kempston, ZX 2
Keyboard play: very responsive, although awkward to use
Use of colour: good
Graphics: simple, but effective with detail and fast
Sound: average
Skill levels: 5 speeds
Lives: 3
Features: 1 or 2-player games
General Rating: Above average to good.


Screenshot Text

A pretty classic 'Centipede' hides under the name of Rapedes.