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Mastertronic Plus
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Now this is more like it! A totally simple but terribly addictive game. Everyone must know the old Tron style game where two bikers race around an arena leaving a trail behind them. If you cross the trail or bang into the edge of the arena you lose a life. It has to be the simplest, most enjoyable formula for a game ever!

Raster Runner is an up to date version of this with a smooth scrolling background, animated smashes and devilishly hard opponents to compete against. You and your Plasma Bike are armed with three shields. Using one of these makes the bike flash for a bit: while it flashes you can cross any of the trails to get out of a tricky situation. The name of the game is points. You have to collect as many as possible to get higher up the score table.

Raster Runner is really addictive as it is, but it could have been made even better. With just the one arena to compete in things get a bit boring after the 435th go! A few obstacles stuck around the place would have made life more exciting. A radar scanner at the top of the screen showing the position of all the trails helps in the racing. The trouble with this is you keep your eyes on it all the time, however, it doesn't spoil the game too much.

Raster Runner is an essential purchase if you want a game that'll keep you addicted for a long time. And if you get fed up, you can always use the radar scanner as an etch-a-sketch!