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Domark Ltd
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Rich Pelley
Chris Bourne

Sports sims always tend to turn out quite well on the old Spec - until the advent of Sensible Soccer on the Amiga. Match Day on the Speccy was still the ultimate footy game, and has a multi eventer anywhere ever surpassed Daley's (original) Decathlon?

So what of RBI 2? I like it, because it captures the feel of the sport in that perfectly Spectrummy way which actually makes you glad that you are playing it on computer you could pick up at a car boot sale for the price of a packet of tea bags (as opposed to a £45 import cart on a Super Nintendo which you got in exchange for your granny).

My only niggle is that there's not quite enough to do. Batting is a simple case of waiting for the ball to be pitched, then moving your batter accordingly and swiping at the ball. The ball is larger than your head (!) but still quite difficult (at first) to hit. and impossible to direct. Your men run and stop around the our bases automatically - you can prompt men to run when the computer has decided that they shouldn't, but this is seldom so you tend to have to sit back and watch.

There's a bit more to do whilst fielding - you take control of the man nearest to the ball with a chance to dive for, or run after and return, each hit. You also have to take care of the pitching with a selection of slow, fast or curve balls at a touch of a key. And. well, that's it, really. Baseball on the Speccy for four quid. File under 'If you like.'


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The trampoline was the reason that most people joined the New York City firefighters. On dry days when they weren't too busy, they used to take it in turns to jump around.

The day that Jorvik led his team to victory was indeed a great one. His mum cheered for 72 hours. She broke the world record which she had set two months earlier.