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Tactical Combat
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Silverbird - Spectrum: £1.99

Take charge of the Rebelstar Raiders once more in this sequel to the magnificent cult skirmish game Rebelstar.

All the old faves are there, this time out to destroy an alien race on the planet Thray 6. Points are awarded for each alien killed, with extra points for the alien queen who's the prime target. Use the available limited movement points well, and keep pushing because there are only 26 game turns in which to achieve the objective and get the Raiders back into the shuttle before it blasts off.

Rebelstar II has everything the first game had: all the addiction, excitement and fun. If you loved the original you can't afford to miss this. And if you missed the first game, you'll find Rebelstar II so playable and enjoyable you'll be waiting on tenterhooks, like the rest of us, for Rebelstar III.