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Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Andy Smith
Chris Bourne

Go! Fly a kite.

P38s did sterling service for the American forces during WWII, and now's your chance to pilot one and take on the might of the Japanese navy and air force in the battle for Midway.

Not surprisingly, this game's the sequel to that other highly successful coin-op 1942. As such it's - not surprisingly - very similar to the earlier game. You've got to pilot your plane through four increasingly difficult stages of vertically scrolling shoot-em-up action. The enemy spend most of the time attacking you in aeroplanes, but the occasional battleship makes an appearance and will use it's gun turrets to try and blast you out of the sky.

Again, not surprisingly, the game offers you some extra weapons - six - to pick up. Simply destroy certain waves of aeroplanes and the last one leaves a "POW" symbol behind. Fly, over the symbol and your "hit meter" is replenished a little (taking hits from the enemy during the game don't kill you outright, it simply reduces a meter at the side of the screen. When the meter runs out, it's game over). You can shoot the symbol to cycle through the extra weapons and pick up which ever one takes your fancy. The extra weapons include three-way shots and extra-large bullets, both of which make your life a little easier. After a few goes though, you'll soon discover that staying alive's not too difficult if you keep your meter topped up. In two-player mode you'll probably see everything the game has to offer during the first sitting. This means you'll soon get bored of playing the thing and will be looking for a new challenge.

Reviewer: Andy Smith

Spec, £8.99cs, £12.99dk, Out Now
Ams, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Imminent
C64/128, £9.99cs, £14.99dk, Imminent
Atari ST, £19.99dk, Imminent
Amiga, Price undecided, Imminent

Predicted Interest Curve

1 min: 65/100
1 hour: 80/100
1 day: 50/100
1 week: 20/100
1 month: 5/100
1 year: 5/100

Fun while it lasts, but it doesn't last long.


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The graphics are good, bit it's a job to see the bullets most of the time. The game's fun to play but the lack of challenge means you'll soon be looking for something tougher.

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Shoot every plane in this wave and you'll be able to grab a POW symbol.