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Arcade: Gang beat-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Richard Eddy, Robin Candy
Chris Bourne

89% Issue 33

RICKY: Definitely the best beat-'em-up! Renegade is an epic of nonstop fighting with some original scenario touches.

What is the cause of all this violence, though?

It's Lucy - not just any Lucy, but your luscious Lucy, the love of your life. You're off to meet her, but on your way you run into violent street gangs intent upon mugging and killing.

There are six locations to battle through, each featuring a different set of villains - such as bikers, mad women, gangsters and evil mobs.

Renegade isn't too difficult, and it's a game you play more for high scores than for reaching the last stage. Fight, beat an enjoy till you can smell the blood.

ROBIN: I was hard put to choose between this and The Way Of The Tiger as my favourite beat-'em-up - Renegade is just so good. It's not the hardest game in the world, but it's enjoyable.

Programmer Mike Lamb managed to escape from the one-opponent-at-a-time format typical of this genre, and presents the player with up to eight baddies onscreen to be defeated.

The presentation is very slick, it would be hard to fault the graphics and sound, and with plenty of gameplay this makes an excellent buy. Try to get Renegade AND The Way Of The Tiger!