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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Richard Price
Chris Bourne


DOWN to earth at last, Kim Kimberley, secret agent extraordinaire and saviour of the starship Snowball, has been framed for an act of sabotage. Fleeing the wrath of the woken colonists she steals a stratoglider and enters the atmosphere of Eden, the Snowball's destination. Condemned to death she has only a short time to hide in the luxuriant and bizarre undergrowth of the planet. The ship need only turn its engines towards her to fry her to a crisp.

So begins Return to Eden, another brain scrambling adventure from Level 9 and sequel to Snowball. The presentation has changed - the game includes location graphics, yellow word display on a black background and 'write ahead'. That feature allows you to input text in a continuous flow without waiting for the cursor to reappear.

There are around 250 locations and Level 9 claims that the use of graphics has not adversely affected the amount of description or the general quality. Initial exploration seems to back that up. If you find the graphics too slow they can be switched out.

Once safe in the jungle you must head out for the robot-manned city in the east. You must survive amongst the beautiful but lethal flora and fauna and avoid the robot devices which protect the city.

Problems and puzzles abound; this is a world unknown to humans and many plants or creatures have odd properties. just trying to survive ten minutes is difficult - Level 9 keep rolling those heavy dice on you but give you a few resurrections before finishing you off.

Exhausted compulsives of the firm's other works may just as well admit to themselves now that they probably won't be sleeping much for the next few months. Atmospheric and original.

Richard Price

Memory: 48K
Price: £9.95