Kevin J. Bezant
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

9 (Supplement)
Richard Price
Chris Bourne

VEGETARIANS may be deeply disturbed by the warped concept of Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes, from Visions. Set in a rapidly-mutating market garden, the game features crazed tomatoes, psychotic swedes, manic mushrooms and mobile cabbages, all of which cause Smiffy, the weeder, a pile of grief.

To earn pay and points the player must steer Smiffy between the moving furrows of cabbages and grab the weeds which are around. Every time Smiffy treads on a cabbage he loses points. Meantime the screwy salad items float about the screen, chasing the gardener. They kill on contact. There are 10 levels of difficulty, customised keyboard movement and the option of Kempston joystick.

The main point in the game is the movement, as weeds appear relatively infrequently. Evading the moving lines of cabbage is similar to the Frogger style of play and the rampaging vegetables are like heavy traffic, though they will divert frequently to chase Smiffy. At lower levels of play the evasion portions are a little dull but the action develops into more complexity on higher levels.

Richard Price

Memory: 48K
Price: £6.95
Joystick: Kempston