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US Gold Ltd
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Tommy Nash
Chris Bourne

If you're looking for a spot of Commie bashing, comrades, you can forget it. This Revolution hasn't even got anything to do with the ill-fated Al Pacino epic that bombed at the movies this year. But it sure is a game that's hot to Trotsky.

Revolution is a 3D puzzle game. You have to work your way through eight levels stacked one on top of the other. On each level there are four puzzles to solve, with a limited amount of time to solve them in, before you're transported onto the next platform. As for the puzzles they'd have Rubik tearing his hair out! They all consist of two grey cubes arranged in different configurations. Touch one of the cubes and it turns white; now touch the other before the first goes grey again and the pair of them disappear and bingo, you've solved your first puzzle.

So, what could be simpler? Taking a day trip to the moon. Making a million. Working for YS. 99 per cent of all human activity actually. The big problem is that you're controlling a bouncing ball - though come to think of it, control is not quite the right word for the way I played the game. And you can only alter the direction of the ball when it hits the ground. You can also regulate the bounce of the ball but remember to take into account the momentum that it's already got. It's one hell of a tricky task trying to judge the bounce of the ball and move it between the cubes in the couple of seconds that you're given to complete the puzzle. And you're not helped if one of the cubes is completely hidden - yes, it happens - or if you keep getting frazzled by the spiky nasties.

But now the ball's in your court - you give it a go. Boing, boing, aaaargh! Oh, I forgot to mention that you can fall off the edge or between the cracks of the platforms into the inky void of oblivion. Still, four more lives to go. Boing, boing, aaaargh! And so it goes on.

Addictive? I should say so! And you're not deterred if you can't get through the first platform on your first play and keep having to start back at square one again as you do in some games. The puzzles and platforms are re-arranged at random each time you start a new game.

There are no Red Squares in this Revolution but the monochrome graphics are all up to Vortex's usual standard. Yet another cracker from Costa Panayi, the programmer, that'll appeal to the more interlekchall games player. If that's you - Russian and buy it!


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Okay, let's start at the bottom and work up. You can access the map of the level you're on at any time just by pressing the M key. It shows you the position of the four puzzles, the red dots, the square you're on and the holes you have to watch out foooo...

Now what could be simpler. Just bounce up and touch one of the grey blocks and then reach the other one before the first turns grey again. Trouble is you may find you have to bounce up high for the first then roll along the ground for the second so timing and co-ordination are of the essence. Enough tips here to keep Hex Loader happy...