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CORE Design Ltd
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Alan Green
Chris Bourne

Ever wanted to be Indiana Jones? All those courageous missions in mystical lands, dealing with priceless treasures thought only to exist in legend. No? (Got it in one -Prod Ed.) Well what about all those tasty women he gets his hands on? Yes, I thought so (sexist pig -Ed)...

Coincidentally, Rick Dangerous, star of this Kixx corker, fits the Indy mold exactly and you can slip into his shoes for a taste of the action. Taking time on from his devotion to stamp collecting (well, nobody's perfect), he cruises above the Amazon jungle in his trendy go-fast plane then realises he's forgotten to fill up at the fuel station. What a plonker!

Forced to crash land, he finds himself in a vast and hostile land, armed with only a handful of weapons (don't you just hate it when that happens? -Ed). It's the kingdom of the Goolu, the vicious guardians of an ancient Aztec tomb crawling with foes and booby traps. But there's treasure in that there tomb, which Rick's got to get his greedy hands on.

You guide the unfortunate bloke through this multi-screened platform affair using just a gun, a trusty stick and some dynamite. Not a lot, considering the vicious traps awaiting you.

There's the good old rolling boulder for starters, poisoned darts, walls of flame and oodles of Goolus, who ain't too happy about you half-inching their nest egg from the temple.

It's a big old game - 85 screens, each with some new problem to baffle your brain cells. The traps are well thought out, requiring quick thinking to conquer, often involving ingenious use of your weapons.

Rick Dangerous is great fun to play, if a little on the tricky side, with a rainbow of colours and atmospheric bleeps to get you into the swing of things. With a cheapo price tag, those who fancy a bit of dangerous living could be in for more than they bargained for!

ALAN ... 76%