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David Walls
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Derek Brewster
Chris Bourne

Rifts of Time is a real cheapie, although I have no documentation with these games this time I assume they still retail at 99p or thereabouts. I say 'these games' because I was sent a whole wad of cheapies, either by themselves or with another such on a cassette marked ' Double Play '. This month more than ever a load of games have been dumped in my lap with no help or hint sheets which is bad enough, but worse many don't even tell me how much the games will retail for. If you're confused so am I, but let's for the time being assume one or two of these will end up in the shops and have a look at the best of them.

The blurb on this one goes like this. It is said that, in an unknown world there lie three relics of great power. You must command me throughout my quest in gaining those relics and taking them through a time portal to the God named Odin. But beware, it is not an easy quest for there are evil creatures who will do their utmost to destroy you. All commands can be shortened to their first four letters and mid-points, such as NE and SW, are accepted. The first frame goes like this: 'I am resting for the night in a ransacked, dirty hut when a small winged humanoid with pointed ears enters. He says, 'Good Evening, I am Dave the sprite. I have been commanded to help you in your quest.' Dave is a kind of pet who accompanies you on your adventures.
Rifts of Time isn't such a bad adventure for the price, considering it was written way back in 1984. Exits and objects are clearly marked in a manner typical of Quilled games and the humour developed around your companion Dave keeps you going through the trickiest moments. Most of the time Dave comes out with some amusing comments which, unlike many a poorer game, make sense and are appropriate to the situation in which you find yourself. The game is potted with many a fine and endearing character (some from Dungeons & Dragons) such as a scaly-green water dragon, a beautiful tree-nymph named Dryad who gives you a silver-banded black rod without which you will perish in the woods, and a pot-bellied genie who can't give you a wish. What use he is, if any, I'll leave you to find out.


Difficulty: easy
Graphics: none
Presentation: Spectrum text
Input facility: verb/noun
Response: Quill (immediate)
General Rating: A good 1984 game.