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Activision Inc
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Roger Willis, Ron Smith, David Lester
Chris Bourne

David: The idea of this game's pretty similar to a number of others I've seen over the last year, most notably Blue Max for the Atari.

You have to guide a jet plane up a river, banked on both sides by steep cliffs, shooting enemy planes, helicopters, ships and missiles that get in your way. Refuelling posts appear every now and then but these get fewer and further apart as you progress through the levels.

The graphics are quite smooth, but their quality's not so wonderful when you really push your foot down (or whatever you do in planes) - migraine sufferers watch out. Having said that though, you hardly need the graphics quality of Sabre Wulf to produce a good game, and River Raids certainly a good, addictive game. The game's both colourful and attractive to look at, and includes a good selection of start-up options.

I must admit I was expecting something a little better from a company like Activision - but then again, the game's aduictiveness is certainly a strong point in its favour. It's just a shame it's a little let down by the quality of the sound and graphics. 3/5 MISS

Ron: River Raid is a pretty basic game to be honest - I didn't think the graphics were up to much - but it was certainly addictive enough. 2/5 HIT

Roger: Once I've played this game 23 times in a row, I'd got a list of criticisms as long as my arm. But then again, who cares if the game turns out to be that addictive? 3/5 HIT