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Phil Snell
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Thorn EMI, 48K £6.95 (1)
Author: Phil Snell
You're in control of a river speed boat. The screen shows the north and south banks above and below, everything scrolling from right to left. You can hold the boat's position to the left (safer) side, middle or right (dangerous) side. The object is to rescue explorers from the north bank jetty and land them at the south bank jetty. As the two jetties are opposite, you can't just commute between them. The boat can take up to six explorers at a time before landing them, but if you lose the boat, you lose your explorers too. The river is infested with crocodiles, sand banks and logs, which you must avoid. If you're very good, a rival firm overflies the river dropping mines on you. More points scored for travelling at the right of the screen where your reflexes have to be very fast. A fast, addictive and original game with neat graphics. Good control key positions, joystick: Kempston, Sinclair, 1 or 2 player games. Recommended. Overall CRASH rating 74% M/C.