Dinamic Software
Sport: Action
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

Ross Holman, Roger Willis, Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

Roger: Technically, this is almost the same game as Knockout, but what a difference - because this one knocks you out with smart visuals. If anything the action is as simple, the choice being between right and left attack and defence, but there any similarity ends. Here the graphics are three dimensional and participatory - you can almost feel the punches.

The screen is filled by the ugly features of your opponent and successful application of knuckle sandwich leads to satisfying damage and signs of pain. If, however, you fail to block too many of his blows, then eventually your fighter - represented by the back of a head - sinks off the bottom of the screen, going down for the count.

Rocco has to batter his way through four opponents - Cimbel Lin. Ted Matare, Jansen Sino and Fighter Bull - to win the World Championship of 48K fisticuffs. The only sad thing is that he does it playing purely by the rules when we all know that boxing matches are won by the quick illicit head-butt stuck in while the ref's not looking. Shame. 4/5 HIT

Ross: Goggle at the graphics, settle back and take in the sound - then wonder why you're bothering. This is still boring. 3/5 MISS

Rick: Left. jab. punch, right. If you thought Southpaw was a house in Dallas, this ain't for you. 3/5 HIT


Screenshot Text

The crowd tends to go loopy every at every possible occasion. Settle down at the back there!

Both players have an energy level. When it runs out, the players out of the count - except there's no count!

And in the blue corner - here's your opposition and his category - lightweight and so on, so you can see just what you're up against.

It's a shame your player's got his back to the camera - you can't see all the gruesome goriness around the gob area. You'll just have to do it to him before...