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Mastertronic Ltd
Adventure: Dungeon Crawl
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Phil King, Mark Caswell
Chris Bourne

The fabled Amulet of Yendor is hidden deep in the dreaded Dungeons of Doom. Many adventurers have attempted to find it but none have returned. Their rotting bones lie alongside their possessions in the dark domain of dangerous animals and monsters.

On entering a level of this multilevel dungeon you can only see what's immediately around you. As you explore the rooms and corridors, a map of the level is built up.

Hostile monsters lurk in the darkness, waiting to attack. Fortunately, the hero carries a mace and a bow and arrow. An icon selection system allows these and other collected items (magic potions, scrolls, etc) to be used. Four extra commands allow you to move up and down stairs, search rooms and rest.


'From the title and the cover picture (why the bikini-clad woman?), I expected the usual budget-style arcade adventure. Actually, Rogue is a very rare attempt at a Dungeons and Dragons game. With such a variety of objects and weapons available, there is a fair amount of strategy involved in working out what to use, and when to use it. Progress through the dungeon is quite easy - even with the many varied monsters and animals around. The graphics aren't exactly brilliant - just one block characters moving through an even blockier dungeon - although they do improve when magnified. There's one minor drawback, though: occasionally you can get stuck on a level with no exit and are forced to quit the game. Despite this, Rogue makes a refreshing change from our usual diet of shoot-'em-ups and arcade adventures.' PHIL … 63%

'Despite its simplistic and occasionally blocky graphics, Rogue is a brave and rather playable attempt at a Dungeons And Dragons type of game. As a fair amount of strategy is involved, especially when things get tricky, it means that your brain is used for a change. Don't worry though, your trigger finger needn't feel left out as the meanies that roam the many levels of the dungeons are pretty tough to beat (what on earth is an emu doing in a dungeon?). Take a look, if you like this sort of exploration game: Rogue should keep you amused for quite a while.' MARK … 63%

Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: basic and blocky
Sound: blip, bleep, blip, etc
Options: load/save game
General Rating: An interesting stab at a computerised version of a Dungeons and Dragons style game.


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Another explorer bites the dust.