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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Will Brooker
Chris Bourne

79% Issue 36

This licence is based on the early Rogue Trooper stories from the comic 2000AD. Rogue is, as usual, trudging around Nu Earth, this time looking for the eight vid-tapes which show how the Traitor organised the destruction of the rest of the Gis (you have to know the strip to follow the scenario, really).

Nu Earth, which seems to have shrunk a little in conversion from comic to computer, is patrolled by Norts and Uttered with ammo, med-packs - and, of course, the tapes. And Rogue's biochipped buddies Gunner, Helm and Bagman give onscreen advice which isn't always particularly useful (Gunnar rarely says anything more inspiring than 'Let's grease some more Nort scum').

When all the evidence has been collected Rogue can return to the shuttle and wait for Cam Kennedy to draw him some more identical stories (oops! that just slipped out).

Despite the extremely tacky presentation, this is an enjoyable game. It's not hard to win, which may put some off, but it provides relaxing therapy when you need your confidence boosted a little. The graphics are detailed, varied and recognisable, and though the colour washes are used simply they add interest.

Perhaps Rogue Trooper's strongest point is the atmosphere generated by the graphics and the comments: it is, surprisingly, the most faithful 2000AD conversion yet.