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Elite Systems Ltd
S. Brockelhurst
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Sometimes I wonder if this page isn't turning into a crap old arcade adventure column. First Techy Ted (which to be fair ain't crap at all), then Kokotoni Wilf (which to be fair is megacrap) and now Roller Coaster, yet another vintage Elite game that's seeing the light of day again after years in the catacombs. The question is, should it be allowed to? Although much harder and faster than Wilf - and a good deal better to look at - it's still a surprisingly uninteresting game. You move from screen to screen and platform to platform, picking up coins that have been left around the fairground, and hopping onto the rides which are all whirring away at top speed This of course makes it easy to get killed, which is what frequently happens. Unfortunately each screen is so difficult, with the control so precise, that you soon get bored trying to jump from one pixel to another and end up loading something else. This is what I did (twice I'm afraid). Although it's unquestionably an original treatment, I think we prefer our games a mite easier these days - or at least easier to get into. Still, it's better than Wilf (all right, I know that's not saying very much). For platformies who like a challenge (and then some) only.