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Mastertronic Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Dunn
Chris Bourne

Rookie is probably the best of the six games. The concept is ridiculously simple; shoot the targets when they spin round. The arrows at the top move you onto the next screen when you shoot them, and occasionally a '10' target pops up, which can be blasted for more bullets. Each level has a number of targets to shoot before you can progress further; this goes up with each level. The scenery is attractive, but the main problem is the activity on screen - it flashes white with every shot. Apart from making it more difficult to see what's happening, Nick moans it gives him a headache and sore eyes (that's because he's so rubbish, but it's a point, I suppose). Very addictive and enjoyable.

MIKE ... 90%