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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Jonathan Davies
Chris Bourne

Here's another oddball that doesn't quite fit into the scheme of things. It's a footie-based arcade adventure, with all that that suggests. Yes, you have to plod found the round hundreds of screens, collect things and talk to people. There's even a plot - the whole Melchester Rovers team has been kidnapped just before a key fund-raising match. If the money doesn't get raised developers will move in and flatten the ground! What a shame.

There's also a fairly reasonable arcade footie sim tacked onto the end (for the bit where you've managed to rescue the team and then have to take part in the match) which can be practiced without having to play through the adventure bit. It's not what you might call 'state of the art', but it'll do. Bizarrely enough, it's not too bad a package, really - puzzles to solve, balls to kick and absolutely no lists of numbers to worry about.


Screenshot Text

Phew! Roy's found the rest of his team (they were down the pub) so the Melchester Rovers ground is sfe! Hey! Let's do the match right here!