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Arcade: Adventure
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

Another game based on blockbusting Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters is here. Following on from the playability of Yogi's Geat Escape, Ruff and Reddy is set to bring you even more enjoyment.

Personally I don't remember much about the Ruff and Reddy cartoons so I can't comment of how similar the story lines to the game. It's all based around Ruff and Reddy agreeing to test Professor Flipnoodle's pocket rocket. But at blast off something goes badly wrong and Ruff and Reddy end up lost in deep space. They eventually crash onto a small planet inhabited by little aliens called Lilli-Punies who kidnap them and only agree to their release if they rescue the Lilli-Punies' lost friends.

There are 20 to find on each level of the game, and extra energy and bonus points can also be found on the planet. Puzzles have to be solved and each level de-Lillied to complete the game.

The graphics to Ruff and Reddy are very similar to those in the other Hitec/ Hanna-Barbera games. Ruff is well animated and bounces around the detailed screens quite well: though, for a cat, he's a bit rigid. Colour in the game varies from level to level with only the scenery being coloured and the main playing areas white monochrome.

This is a fun, addictive little game that will keep both fans of the cartoon and playable games happy for some time. Try the level featured on the CRASH cover tape!