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Quicksilva Ltd
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ross Holman, Rick Robson, Dougie Bern
Chris Bourne

Rick: Hey, this one is really weird man! See, there's this bear who wears these wacky yanky golfing pants and he can walk, jump and - wait for it - climb the stairs. But he doesn't drink lager, well this is one for the kids, innit?

Rupert (that's the bear's name kids) has got to collect his many invitations to see his even wierder friends Bill the Badger and Podgy the Pig - you know one of those parties! Well Rupert needs more invitations than Podgy's had hot dinners, and not only that, naughty toy soldiers and toy trains try to trip him up along the way, though some will be very good sports and help him. They'll need to 'cos you have to go through four linked screens for each of the eight levels.

Unfortunately Rupert also has an embarrassing speech impediment which means all the screen instructions are in dum-di-dum rhyming couplets which will maim many an innocent ear to the power of poetry.

The toymaker's castle, its corridors and castellations were presumably built by Barrett - or does that reflect the quality of the graphics? Rupert does look quite a lot like he did in the comic, though some wish he'd stay there. Oh, and he still wears that scarf to hide his love bites.

Quicksilva hasn't aimed so much at the mega-tots but their spinster aunts who feel that if Toby or Fenella have to have one of those awful computer games then this safe, competent platform game is the one to get. I'm afraid though that little Toby will be out on the corner with that vulgar Wayne doing a deal for a quick Buck Rogers. 4/10

Ross: Frankie goes to the toymaker's party in this cute number. Not as good as the (dare I say it?) Commie version, but it'll do. 6/10

Dougie: Frankly, I'd still prefer a copy of the annual in my Christmas stocking 4/10