US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

Chris Bourne

'Let's fight' says the macho man hero of Rygar, a Tecmo coin-op converted by US Gold in Issue 48. In a future land the enthusiastic hero must battle across countless screens infested by a variety of bloodthirsty aliens. Initially his only defence is the ability to hurl spiked balls (oo-er, missus!) at his assailants, but by shooting boulders and collecting their remnants, he is transformed into an invincible (well not quite!) fighting machine.

It certainly doesn't sound original and plays poorly as well. For a start the game is far too easy to play, and hence becomes tedious very quickly. Graphics look rather simplistic: the hero looks more like a seven stone weakling than a Schwarzenegger-type action man. The meanies are little better and look about as menacing as one of Phil's sheep! Rygar is a mediocre shoot-'em-up game which probably won't keep you entertained for very long.

Then: 58% Now: 45%