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Code Masters Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K/128K

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Chris Bourne

Spectrum, Amstrad: £2.99

Taking a Commando-style viewpoint, SAS Combat Simulator takes the player through four huge levels of enemy-infested landscape, on a clandestine mission to assassinate the rebel leader.

The SAS officer begins his mission on foot armed only with a gun and a limited supply of grenades. Collection of "Codemasters" logos is rewarded with a jeep or tank in which to cover ground more quickly; a bazooka with which to increase the death toll; rapid fire, ditto; and a smart bomb, double ditto.

The play area scrolls alternately horizontally and vertically, with an enemy stronghold at the end of each level. On reaching the enemy headquarters, the display switches to a Green Beret style side view, as the SAS officer indulges in hand-to-hand combat against hostile commandos.

Not the most original of games, but a pleasant mix of two game styles. Reasonably portrayed on the Spectrum - even more so on the Amstrad - and proving quite addictive, if lacking repeat appeal.