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Super Sparklers
Mark Rivers
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Unspecified custom loader

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Tony Hetherington
Chris Bourne

This game is more light drizzle than thunderflash! You play the part of Rock Hardman (worra hero), leader of a crack team of SAS Stormtroops. You've infiltrated an embassy and your mission is to rescue hostages who're being held by a group of extreme and vicious terrorists, led by the horrendous Kred.

Sounds fine in theory, but in practise - forget it! Rock seems to have been struck down with a hideous disease, which means his legs have gone completely stiff, and all his mobility has gone from his hips. He waddles around in a terribly ungainly manner! Thee doesn't help when it comes to being quick on the turn, as the game says he must be. And what's worse - every step he takes loses points from your score. You only gain points by shooting people and releasing hostages.

There are 50 rooms to make your way through, on three levels. They're carefully drawn in 3D and you've got to wander through the cellar, the ground floor or upstairs to find the hostages. You're equipped with an armour piercing weapon, which as you'll find, can only fire in straight lines, calling for exact positIoning of Rock. Hard to do when you're under fire.

This is a daft game - it's too hard to get into and has poor graphics and game play. Ifs still stuck in basic training as far as I'm concerned!