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Scott Adams
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

It feels like stepping back into a time-warp to be reviewing these two elderly Scott Adams titles, though I believe this is the first time the graphic versions have been released for the Spectrum.

You're not told much about the story behind part one, except to survive on the island. Can you outlive the awesome power of Hurricane Alexis and solve the problems of the volcano, the bear in the cave and the underground caverns? Well maybe you can if you're persistent and don't always believe what you read. Don't leave the first location until you've unearthed an object, and when in the lake you can also swim in the one direction you're not given as a possible exit. You can jump down a cliff and survive too! Devious, sometimes in the wrong way, but complex and quite lengthy as well.

It seems a bad marketing move from either Scott Adams or Tynesoft to make sure you can't start Savage island II 'til you've finished part one and got the password. Those who can't solve the first part aren't likely to buy a second part they can't start, are they? But if you enjoy what you've done in part one you might like to get yourself stuck in part two as well. The password's as easy as 1-2-3.

Part two is far removed from any island, savage or otherwise, because now you're in space and again the aim of the game isn't clear, apart from progress and survival. It's a game of force fields, console panels and captain's logs. The answer to the first problem of how to get through a vacuum, deserves an entry in the obscure inputs hall of fame. I had to get help on this one myself, and I make no apologies for passing it on, though I will print it backwards for the benefit of those stubborn nuts who'll still want to try for themselves: ETALITNEVREPYH. The input when you're through the vacuum is BREATHE OUT.

The graphics are variable, some good and some pretty dire, but again it should keep you playing for quite a while and in that sense, it offers you value for money. This pair of adventures hasn't converted me to being a Scott Adams fan, but those who already are fans won't care about that and will just be keen to get their hands on them.