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Jonathan Davies
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Did you have Scalextric when you were a kid? Me, I was lucky to get a clip round the ear. I remember gazing enviously at other peoples lengths of black plastic, hoping that one day I'd be able to get my own back somehow. Unfortunately I haven't yet, as Virgin's attempt at a conversion is yet another driving let-down.

To be sure, you can assemble tracks from an unlimited selection of pieces without having to worry about running out of left-hand bends. But once you get down to the racing bit you find that you've wasted your time. It's a two-player looking-at-it-from-behind game, with the screen split between the two players. Clever stuff, but unfortunately the graphical content is minimal and there's not really much to the driving either. One major prob is that once someone's got into the lead he's virtually guaranteed to be the winner as long as both players keep their foot to the floor all the way round. Very boring indeed.

So it's not much cop then.


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Come on, Virgin, one mountain range per game, okay? (And even that's pushing it.)