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Jackson Hollis
Oldrich Palenicek
Scene Demo
ZX Spectrum 128K

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Jonathan Nash
Chris Bourne

If you haven't twigged by now, on last month's covertape, just after Pokerama, was the Game Over Remix, a demo of the three-channel sampled music program Sample Tracer (not Tracker as Jonathan - ahem - corrected it). Scoriasonic Preview contains a similar demo which squeezes more out of the 128K sound chip than would have been thought possible a year ago. It's even got a bit of a sense of humour (in a crap sort of way) as one of the instruments is a sampled burp.

There are actually three parts to the preview - a title screen that uses interlaced graphics to produce a 256x384 pixel image, an 'unlimited vu-meters' screen which, well, has lots of bars bouncing around in time to the music, and the sample bit itself - but to be honest we couldn't really see the difference between the interlaced pic and a normal one, and the vu-meters bit were just vu-meters (No! Andy) (But yes! A Reader) The best bit is that you have to press different keys at different points to find the different parts, so there's lots of proddy fun to be had in order to get a look at everything.

Agent-X's Hypersonic 2 proved that previews don't necessarily have to bear any relation whatsoever to the final release, but judging by the slickness of this peek-at-a-prog, Scoriasonic (the full version) should be spanky.


Screenshot Text

Of course, you can't hear the sampled music that accompanies this pic. It sort of goes 'Boop krrshh boop boop krrshh weeb krrshh burp.' More or less.