Board Game
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ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne


THE WELL-PRODUCED Sinclair computer version of Scrabble for the 48K Spectrum should please confirmed addicts of the game, as well as novices, with its easy-to-follow instructions and quick computer responses.

One to four people can play and the computer can represent any number, including all four, thus turning Scrabble into a spectator sport. It has 11,000 words in its vocabulary and will challenge any player who tries to enter a word which is not in the store.

Nevertheless, provided the other players permit, it is still possible to enter a non-existent word to register a high score, a slight weakness in this game although, in the long run, it is more fun not to cheat.

As in real Scrabble, you can trade letters on your rack, juggle them about, miss your turn, and even save an unfinished game for later.

Six levels of difficulty provide a challenge even for experienced Scrabble fans.

Computer Scrabble is available from Sinclair Research, Stanhope Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3PS. It costs £15.95.

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