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Mike A. Richardson
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Matthew Uffindell, Lloyd Mangram
Chris Bourne

Use of Computer: 89%
Graphics: 98%
Playability: 90%
Getting Started: 89%
Addictive Qualities: 90%
Value for Money: 98%
Overall: 92%

Scuba Dive certainly got a rave review from CRASH in issue 2 (92% overall) and has remained a popular vote in the HOTLINE ever since. How does it fare now.

Soon after the arrival of Scuba Dive a few other companies followed suit and produced underwater games. Scuba Dive is still the best one though. I tend to agree with most of the review but the game does tend to get boring, tedious and unaddictive very soon - no lasting appeal for me. Sound and a few more danger scenes could have made this low content game better. However, I wouldn't tell anyone not to buy it, just that they might be a bit disappointed after a while. I must say, that the animation and drawing of the sea creatures is very well done.

I think I agree with Matthew about the content of Scuba Dive, not that it's bad in itself, but that the implementation of the game makes for one that is fairly slow after a while. Scuba Dive's success lies more in the first few plays where the graphics delight and the size of the underwater caverns promises much fun. It isn't a game of skill in the sense of fast timing and firing accuracy, but swimming skills to take a time to master. Once that's achieved though, some of the fun does lag. On the whole I would say that if we were reviewing as new today, it would still get a very high rating from me, but less on the addictivity.

(Matthew) I think 89% for use of computer was a little high because controlling your man isn't as positive as it could be, or as positive as many games since have shown can be the case. The fish etc, are very good, but the caves look a bit uninteresting and the diver is small and not as well done as the fish. I would say the graphics should be 74% now. I never found it great fun to play, just searching around for treasure, so I'd give its addictive qualities and playability about 70%.

(Lloyd) I wouldn't drop the graphics by anything like as much, perhaps around the 85% mark. I agree on addictivity but would keep the playability figure up more, say around 79%. I think it holds up pretty well.

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Excellent fishy animation in Scuba Dive