St. Bride's School
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Steve Cooke
Chris Bourne

Oh, I say girls, this is a wizard wheeze! Even the boys might fancy a bash at this one.

If the thought of Quilled games sends your knees a quiver, and I admit there've been some shockers, then think again. St. Brides has quite a whacky atmosphere to it, and if you can forgive the occasional Quill-like quirk - like waiting an age before replying to your commands, you should find these antics give you quite a kick.

As Trixie Trinian you'll find yourself in the heart of St. Brides School where all the young school girls seem to have the idea that it's not 1985 but about fifty years back in time! Even worse, those mysterious mistresses seem to be dab hands at hypnosis and... (like a good school goer I mustn't give the secrets of St. Brides away, must I?) Pssst! I mustn't say a whisper about that amulet either or I'll get a jolly good ticking off... it's all jolly hockeysticks what!

Not Rated